Don't let the worry of your damaged or cracked foundation keep you up at night. Call upon a locally owned company with over 20 years of experience to have your foundation repaired and stable in no time.


You can rest assured knowing that we provide a lifetime transferrable warranty.

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Bay Area Foundation Repair will do the site preparation.  We will clear the work area and break through any hard surface where necessary.  We will then dig 3-4 foot deep holes.

Bay Area Foundation Repair will start the process of driving the pilings.  Concrete cylinders are hydraulically driven into the ground.  Concrete piling segments with steel connectors in the center of the cylinders are driven to the depth required to secure your foundation.  A concrete piling cap is placed on top of the piling.  Concrete cylinders are placed between the piling cap and the bottom of the foundation beam.

We will raise the foundation up to the level it was prior to needing foundation repair, or as close as possible. Your home will be carefully monitored during this phase.  Steel shims will be inserted between the cylinders and foundation beam for the final adjustment.  When the job is finished, we will put everything back in its place, and leave your home clean.


What Causes Foundations to Crack?

There are typically 4 main reasons as to why foundations crack. Soil, vegetation, seismic testing and fast curing of the concrete. However, these are not the only causes. To learn more, give Bay Area Foundation Repair, Inc. a call.

Maintain Your Home's Structural Integrity

If you have noticed cracks beginning to run along your ceilings, vertically on the walls, racing across the floors or even a shift in your brickwork, your home's foundation could be suffering from serious damage.

What Bay Area Foundation Does For You:

• We specialize in stabilizing foundations.

• We will secure your foundation using hydraulically driven

  concrete piers/pilings to give you a solid base for your


• Our goal is to help you understand our analysis &

 recommendations to fix your foundation problems.  We will

 give you a detailed plan that explains how we will repair

 your foundation.

• Bay Area Foundation Repair is locally owned and operated.

• We are a BBB accredited business.

• Each job is managed and supervised from start to finish.

  We have experienced crews that pride themselves on

  excellent workmanship.

• Our company is fully insured and we offer a Lifetime

  Transferable Warranty.

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