Alvin Foundation Repair

Constant climate changes, causing the ground to shift and break, is the main cause of foundation repair in your home. Bay Area Foundation Repair is family owned and operated, and we are proud to serve the Alvin community with all of their house leveling and foundation repair services.

Be on the lookout for the following signs that repair is needed:
• Windows no longer close easily or tightly
• Sheetrock has visible cracks
• Flooring and tiles are cracked or separated
• Floor slopes
• Open spaces appear at the top or bottoms of walls
• Bricks show signs of cracks or separation at mortar
Free estimates are available. The stability and security of your home rests on the foundation, so don’t delay in calling if you see any of the warnings signs or damage to your foundation is evident. Getting the repairs done in a timely manner can eliminate further issues.

Settling of Your Home

It is normal that over time, a home will settle or have shifted due to the conditions of the soil. Alvin, is used to extreme changes in climate with periods of rain and periods of drought. Soil expands and contracts in these conditions causing the movement of the foundation. There are other factors that can cause foundation problems including plumbing leaks under the slab and unstable ground where the home was built. There are things you can do to help the situation like watering your foundation during the dry periods. But, even this can only help the situation. When you need expert advice for a foundation problem, do not hesitate to call Bay Area Foundation Repair.

We can provide free estimates to help you understand how sound your foundation is and provide the recommendation and service needed to fix the problem. Call to speak with an Alvin foundation repair expert today.

We are proud to serve Alvin, TX in the 77511, 77515, 77534,77541, 77577, 77578, 77583, 77584 zip code areas.

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