Buyer Beware: The Dangers of Buying a Home that Needs Foundation Repair

You have been searching for months to find your perfect dwelling and inspections have revealed that your dream home has foundation issues.  Do you bail? Before you decide, hire a professional structural engineer that will inspect and provide an analysis of the integrity of the home’s foundation.  This consultation will provide you with the issues and what needs to be done in order to bring the home to a more solid and stable foundation.

In most cases, these problems can be dealt with, but not without time, cost and possibly additional stress added to the whole buying experience.  The cost of the repair depends, of course, on the extent of the structural damage that has been uncovered.  Cracks of a certain width, can be patched costing a few thousand dollars.  Other minor issues can be solved by replacing gutters and downspouts or grading the property.  However, if major issues are uncovered, more extensive repair will need to be undertaken.  This could involve lifting the house and installing new foundation piers to reinforce and level the foundation out.  The price of this bill could go up hundreds or thousands.

Don’t forget that with foundation problems comes additional related damage as well.  There will likely be other noticeable problems in the home.  Once the foundation is repaired, there may be the need to fix cracks in the drywall or ceilings, tiles that are broken or uneven, flooring that has sloped, and crooked windows and doors.  Although minor in detail, the costs for these repairs can add up quickly.

A home buyer will also need to check with their lender, different financing may be required for a home that is not deemed structurally sound.

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