Foundation Repair Dickinson TX

Dickinson residents are often confronted with structural changes to their foundation due to the constant changes of our climate from extreme wet to extreme dry periods which over time can cause foundations to shift and eventually need repair.

Don’t leave these issues alone to only get worse over time, contact Bay Area Foundation Repair near Dickinson today.  If you encounter any of these warning signs, call us immediately.

  • Space between baseboards and your walls at the ceiling or floorboard
  • Sloping floors
  • Windows that don’t shut the way they used to
  • Exterior cracks in sidewalks or brick patterns
  • Sheetrock that has been cracked
  • Flooring and tiles that are cracked or with noticeable separation

A free estimate is peace of mind and can mean the integrity of your foundation and the security of your home’s stability.  Call us today.

Settling of Your Home

Because Dickinson goes through some pretty rough dry and wet spells, these extreme climate changes over time can cause problems and damage the structure of the home’s foundation.  The shifting of the soil as it expands and contracts affects your home’s foundation.  Although, watering the foundation during drought periods can help the situation, it may not be enough, and it is always best to not leave any problems undetected.  Our free estimates can provide the answers you need.

We are proud to serve Dickinson, TX 77539.

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