Do you have a cracked slab? Do you need foundation repair? With the ever-changing climate in Clear Lake, it is no wonder homes need foundation repair. Between years of non-stop rain followed by years of drought, foundations in our area are constantly shifting as the soil expands and contracts.

If you notice cracks in your walls or ceiling, doors that are having a difficult time shutting, or stair-step cracks in your brick outside, give us a call. We will do a free evaluation of your foundation and discuss your options. Stopping foundation problems early can prevent extensive damage and high repair costs. Your home is one of your most expensive and important assets. Let Bay Area Foundation Repair help you protect it. Call today to schedule your free evaluation.

What to Expect

  • We specialize in stabilizing foundations.
  • We will secure your foundation using hydraulically driven concrete piers/pilings to give you a solid base for your home.
  • Our goal is to help you understand our analysis and recommendations to fix your foundation problems. We will give you a detailed plan that explains how we will repair your foundation.
  • Each job is managed and supervised from start to finish.
  • We have experienced foundation specialists that pride themselves on excellent workmanship.
  • Our company is fully insured.
  • We offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Foundation Repair Clear Lake TX Bay Area Foundation Repair

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Foundation Repair Reviews

"The crew was great and the clean up work was fabulous."

Howard & Stacey

"Did a great job!"

James L.

"The crew did an absolutely amazing job.  Because of the threat of rain the following day, there were extra workers to get the job completed in one day and they stayed later than normal.  While they were working, I was visualizing how messy the yard would be when they were done, but I was totally surprised when they finished.  The yard was clean, the sidewalks and driveway were clean and, except for the disturbed dirt along the foundation, the gardens were back to what they were before they arrived.  Thank you, Bay Area Foundation Repair, for the excellent job."

Patricia S.

"Very professional and have great manors."

Gail G.

Christina C.