Friendswood Foundation Repair

Bay Area Foundation Repair in Friendswood, Texas, is family owned and operated and offers foundation repair and house leveling services to Friendswood residents.  Foundations tend to shift and eventually need repair.  The foundation is so important to the stability of your home. So take notice and call on us if you start to see cracks in the sheetrock, flooring, or brick exterior.  Other signs of foundation damage are sloping floors, space at the bottom or top of your walls, or doors or windows that all of sudden don’t fit as securely.

We are here to help and can be called out to provide free consultation and estimates.  Waiting can result in further problems down the road.  Call on us today.

Homes Settling

Some factors that cause foundation issues are plumbing leaks or where the home was built, but mostly it is our Texas weather that has the most to do with it.  Changes from extreme rain to extreme drought have a direct impact on the soil that the home was built upon.  The movement and shifting of the foundation is a result of the soil expanding and contracting.   This settling action directly affects the home’s foundation.

Let our Friendswood repair experts evaluate your home’s foundation needs and provide a free estimate.  You can trust Bay Area Foundation Repair to serve our area homeowners.

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