Foundation Repair in League City Texas

Family owned and operated, Bay Area Foundation Repair has been offering League City Home owners professional foundation and house leveling services for many years.  It is inevitable with our weather conditions, that foundations tend to shift and can eventually need to be repaired.

Call League City foundation experts to give you the peace of mind you need.  Our estimates are free and can help determine if you need our services.

These are the warning signs that there may be problems in your foundation already.

  • Outside bricks that have cracks at the mortar or stair-step patterns showing space
  • Sheetrock cracking
  • Sloping floors
  • Separation at the top or bottom of your walls
  • Flooring that has separated or cracks in tile

We are always asked if there is anything that can be done by a home owner to prevent such damage.  Watering your slab and foundation area during dry periods can help.  However, League City’s ever-changing climate of extreme periods of heavy rain followed by little to no rain and also high heat and cold are main causes of the soil expanding and contracting.  This is normal, but it is the leading cause over time to damage a foundation. Other problems include plumbing leaks under the slab and unstable ground during construction.

Don’t wait to call Bay Area Foundation Repair in League City for a free, no-hassle estimate.  Waiting only causes further damage.  The foundation is the most important part to the stability of your home.

We service the 77573 and 77574 area codes of League City Texas.

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