Pasadena Foundation Repair

Due to the constant changes in our Pasadena weather patterns, damage to our home’s foundation is inevitable.  Bay Area Foundation Repair is proudly family owned and operated and has been serving Pasadena residents in foundation repair and house leveling for many years.

Signs that you need our help include visible cracks in the tile, flooring or sheetrock.  Exterior bricks can also show spacing, cracks, or mortar separation in stair-step pattern.  Space or separation openings at the baseboard or ceiling level or windows and doors that no longer close properly, are also indication of a shift in foundation.

We offer Pasadena home owners free estimates.  The stability of your home relies on the foundation.  If you have noticed any of the above, give us a call today.  Waiting can only further damage the foundation and cause more issues down the line.

Homes Do Settle

Settling of your home is normal.  Weather conditions in the Pasadena area are part of the problem.  Over time, the soil expands in the heat and contracts in the cold, and the heavy rains or long droughts can add to the equation. Your home will settle and move.  Other factors can cause foundation damage as well, including plumbing leaks under the slab that go undetected, and construction ground unstable at time of building.

Pasadena residents in the 77501, 77502,77503,77504,77505,77506,77507,77508 can call our foundation repair experts for free estimates.  Don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation with us today.

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