Pearland Texas Foundation Repair

Bay Area Foundation Repair in Pearland has been professionally serving foundation repair and house leveling services to Pearland home owners.

The weather changes in Pearland that we are so used to, are main concern for cause of foundation damage to our homes.  Foundations are going to shift under these conditions and will eventually need repair.  There are other causes of concern as well such as a plumbing leak under the slab or instability of the ground during the construction phase.

There are warning signs which include:

  • Cracks in sheetrock, floor, tile, or exterior brick
  • Doors that don’t open or shut properly
  • Floors that slope
  • Spacing at the floor or ceiling level

Is there anything that a homeowner can do to help prevent foundation problems?  Yes, watering your slab around the perimeter of your house during extreme drought and heat can help, but Pearland goes through such extreme wet and dry climate changes, that it may not be enough.  Our soil is constantly expanding and contracting with the changes of weather, and settling and shifting is occurring, sometimes with a fatal crack or damage to the home’s foundation.

Bay Area Foundation Repair can provide a free estimate and peace of mind.  Call today for an expert foundation repair consultation in the Pearland area codes 77581, 77584,77588.

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