Foundation Repair in Santa Fe Texas

Due to the ever-changing weather patterns is Santa Fe Texas, your home’s foundation will shift and eventually need to be repaired.  Bay Area Foundation repair offers foundation repair and house leveling services.  We are family owned and operated in Santa Fe.
We provide free estimates and consultation.  If you feel you may need the service of our foundation repair experts, give us a call right away.  Waiting can cause the damage to become worse.

Warning signs to be aware of are doors or windows that won’t open or close properly, cracks in the sheetrock, flooring, exterior brick, sloping floors, or spacing between the wall and the baseboard or ceiling area.
Houses Settle

Santa Fe weather conditions where we go from periods of heavy rain then periods of little rain can attribute to the cause of foundation issues.  The extreme weather conditions that we are used to allows for the expansion and contraction of the soil and over time shifting or settling of the house which can affect the foundation of your home.  Other issues such as instability of the ground during construction and an unforeseen plumbing leak under slab are reasons foundations need repair.

Our foundation repair experts can provide free consultation to the Santa Fe area codes 77510, 77517.  Delay will only cause further problems. So, call today for the peace of mind knowing that your home’s foundation is secure and stable.

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