Solutions for Fixing a Broken Foundation

Foundation issues are a result of several differing factors making no two foundation problems ever alike; however, there are two techniques for repair that have proven to be most effective.

Slabjacking involves pumping a grout mixture, made of several components like soil, clay, concrete and other materials, underneath your home’s concrete slab which will actually float the foundation back to its proper position. This will fix the current situation, but is not preventative from future settlement issues that are likely to occur.

Piering is a more permanent solution; although it does cost more.  This process places supports or metal piers underground to lift and support the existing concrete.  Deep trenches are dug by the professional and then your current foundation is lifted by hydraulics to allow the placement of the pier. The piers are then anchored with concrete to hold them in place. This method will stand the test of time as no further home settlement will cause any further damage